Aire-Flow Announces Website Update

Overview We, Aire-flo, are the leading HVAC contractor in Columbus, Ohio. We are proud to announce the news of our website update. We have redone our website to make it easy for you, our clients, to navigate it and get all the information you need. […]

Find Out The Perfect Cooling Solution For Your Home

When it comes to the cooling and heating systems in your home, you need to rely on an efficient and experienced company that you can trust. You can count on us to give you superior quality products as well as excellent quality service that you […]

Efficiency Standards For HVAC Equipment: Are They Going Up Soon?

Approximately 40% of the energy consumption in the average home goes towards heating and most furnaces providing that heat use propane or natural gas. Therefore upgrading the HVAC efficiency standards, unchanged since 1992, can have a big impact on the overall energy consumption throughout the […]

Do You Have Home Power Surge Protection?

Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges? Most homeowners know that they need to protect their televisions and other electronics from power surges, but they don’t realize that their HVAC system also needs home power surge protection. In order to protect your home’s HVAC […]

The History And Benefits Of NATE Certification

17 years ago, a group of HVACR industry stakeholders decided to form an independent organization to address the many problems afflicting the heating and cooling industry. From their perspective, there was a shortage of skilled and experienced manpower, since many of the people involved in […]

Tips About Maintaining A Gas Furnace

A gas furnace is typically found in spaces such as basements, attics, as well as closets. Furnaces are usually easy to take care of, but in order for them to remain in good condition, regular attention must be given to them. Homeowners often feel that […]

Techniques For Increasing Energy Efficiency

The National Governors Association has published a new paper, which suggests that states have greatly contributed towards improving energy efficiency in the United States. To this end Governors have for some time now been doing quite a number of things including: Helping consumers bring down […]

Ways To Save Money On Heat This Winter

Every time the winter season rolls in, many homeowners start to get worried about the arrival of the next electricity bill. If you have been running your household for many years now you are probably already anticipating a bigger figure in your bill. This has […]