Are you looking to save money on air conditioning units? Look no farther than Aire-Flo Heating & Cooling if you happen to live in Columbus, Ohio area. The company is one of the leading Carrier authorized dealers in that area. As such, they are part of the Carrier’s Cool Cash Program that is seeking to reward clients who buy their products.

The Cool Cash Program, which is run by Carrier through its authorized dealers, works in two major ways. You can benefit from either option depending on your purchasing power. If you do not have money to purchase the Air conditioning unit that you have always wanted, it does not matter if you do not have the money to fund the purchase immediately. Through Carrier’s program, you can purchase the heating and/or cooling system you want by getting financing through their authorized dealers like Aire-Flo Heating & Cooling.

First, you need to decide on the products that you want, and then apply for the kind of financing that will be easy for you to pay off. You can have a choice of 0% APR financing with 36, 48 or 60 months to pay. In fact, there is no interest if paid in full within 12 months. This means that you do not have to dip into your savings and investment accounts to fund the purchase of a heating and cooling system that your home or office may need so desperately. Instead, you can just pay off what you owe using your regular income without any hassles.

Another option would be to pay for the purchase of your HVAC system without any financing. If you choose this option, you can still benefit from the Cool Cash Program that Carrier is offering through its authorized partners. One of the ways would be to claim rebate on qualifying purchase of energy-efficient Carrier heating and/or cooling system. Doing so would ensure that you are able to save money in the end no matter how expensive your selected products may have been. In fact, you can receive up to $1450 with Carrier Cool Cash if you make the rebate claim in the correct manner.

Aire-Flo Heating & Cooling is one of the best places for you to make your purchases within the Ohio area as far as heating and cooling systems are concerned. As an authorized dealer in Carrier products, you can be sure that the supplier will be giving you access to everything that you need to have to claim your rebates or get financing for purchases. Going to another supplier who is not an authorized dealer will not get you the same privileges though, so be very cautious.

Good things do end when they should not be, and the same applies to the Carrier Cool Cash program. If you want to benefit from the rebates and financing programs Carrier is offering you, then you have to make your purchases in due time. This special offer is valid September 1 through November 15, 2013. So, you better run to Aire-Flo Heating & Cooling and get that heating and/or cooling system that you always dreamed of, while there is still time. Better hurry!