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Why Forgetting to Replace Your Furnace Filter is Putting Your Family in Danger

Clogged up furnace filters often go unnoticed in many homes around the country. In fact, it is very easy to forget to replace your furnace filter, because the signs of a clogged furnace filter are quite subtle until they become very serious. In fact, the problems caused by old filters can be undetected for a while.

Why Replacing Your Furnace Filter is Important

In addition to being potentially very costly, forgetting to change your furnace filter can cause real harm to your family’s health! For the furnace to work correctly and circulate clean air through your house, furnace filters should always be changed on a regular basis. Why is this so important?

Dirty furnace filters affect indoor air quality.

The first thing to be compromised by a clogged air filter is your home’s air quality. Your furnace’s filter does exactly that, it filters all of the air that flows throughout your entire home. The particles that were successfully trapped by the filter to improve your home’s air quality are now being forced through your vents and into your home. These dust particles and allergens can be very detrimental to occupants, especially those that suffer from asthma or other respiratory ailments.

Clogged furnace filters waste money.

Clogged air filters also damage your pocket book. Pushing the same amount of air into your home, through an obstructed filter requires much more energy than a clear filter. Not only will this result in higher energy costs, but it increases the chances of your furnace breaking down and will shorten its lifespan. By changing your air filter regularly, energy costs can be reduced in some cases up to 15%, and the chances of your furnace breaking down in the middle of winter are drastically reduced.

Dirty furnace filters impact health.

Even more important than the added cost and risk of damage, however, is the potential health risks to your family. Not only does a clogged filter hinder air flow to the furnace, but it also means that the air circulated into your home will not be correctly filtered. Dust, allergens, and any contaminants will be able to circulate through your home freely. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, this can be particularly concerning, as the air quality in your home will be significantly lowered. If you live in a city, the polluted air will be an even bigger concern, and if filters are not changed regularly, the air in your home may become seriously dirty.

Keep your home safe and healthy.

If you have pets, filters will be even more susceptible to becoming clogged and allergens will be spread very quickly if the filters are not regularly changed. Contaminants in your house will not be filtered out, and overall the air quality can put your family at risk.

Check furnace filters regularly.

The simple solution? Change your furnace filters regularly! It is a very simple process that will potentially save you money, prevent the breakdown of your furnace and improve the air quality in your home. Give yourself peace of mind by making sure to replace your filters!

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