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A Quick Guide to Ductless HVAC Systems

Central air is a wonderful thing. It has made living in otherwise climates much more enjoyable. It wasn’t too long ago that we were cooling our homes through passive convection or using water flowing over walls. Heating a home was always fairly simple: just light a fire and you’re good to go. But cooling a home effectively has always been something of a challenge, until central air came along.

With central air it was possible to cool an entire home and make things much, much, more comfortable for us. But central air wasn’t without its drawbacks, or problems. For starters a forced-air system doesn’t provide even cooling or heating of a home. And it’s either full-blast on, or totally off, when operating.

Then there’s the single thermostat to rule over the various domains of your home. Due to the uneven nature of cooling or heating, and a single thermostat to designate when the system is operational, some rooms can be very comfortable and others stifling. The losses incurred with ductwork doesn’t help the rooms farther away from the air handler, either.

So what other options do you have?

Ductless HVAC Systems

While not a new technology, ductless systems are growing in use as homeowners learn about their benefits. A ductless system is highly efficient. Depending on the setup, efficiencies of up to and over 300% aren’t unheard of.

Ductless systems are also multizone systems. A multizone system allows you to heat and cool your home more effectively, and far cheaper, than with a conventional forced-air system. Each of the heat pumps (Colloquially referred to as “ac units”) will have it’s own thermostat (And the ability to control all remotely from your cellphone in a ‘smart’ configuration.) that allows control of the temperature across individual rooms or whole zones.

This programmability of the individual thermostats allows you to heat or cool only the parts of your home that need to be. Contrast this with a forced-air system that operates home-wide. So you can keep your rooms comfortable at night, and not worry about the dining room or programming them to turn off when you leave for work, and come on before you get home.

An often overlooked benefit of a ductless system is improved air quality. Central air is notorious for blowing around dust and allergens. The ductwork collects enough dust that duct cleaning services are offered by many HVAC companies. A ductless system will greatly reduce the amount of airborne allergens through thorough filtration of the air and a lack infrastructure to collect dust.

It’s pretty easy to see why many people are switching to a ductless system, however every home is different and not every layout will benefit from a ductless system. If you would like to discuss your options in ductless heating and cooling give us at at Aire-Flo a call today!