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All You Need to Know About Attic Heating and Cooling

Complex heating and cooling systems are a necessity to keep the indoors cozy. By keeping them in good working order, you can stay warm and comfortable during winter and cool and fresh during the scorching summer. While there is no discussion about its importance, there is a type of HVAC system that is cause for much debate among professional contractors: the attic HVAC system.

Attic Heating Cooling

Depending on the contractor you’re working with, they can either be cost efficient or energy guzzlers. This article aims to get to the bottom of things by looking at all perspectives regarding attic HVAC units. Here are some things you need to know about them.

Heating and Cooling Inefficiencies vs. Added Space

Inefficiency is one of the foremost complaints that some homeowners and contractors have about attic HVAC units. The main reason for this concern is because attic spaces are often unconditioned. This means that should the attic spring a leak or two, there is a good chance that the heating and cooling unit could soon get compromised. As a countermeasure, contractors double-check seals and insulate all ducts.

If efficiency is such a concern, one might ask why contractors would install HVAC units in attic spaces at all. The answer is simple: it is a space-saving move. As most homes feature split systems, with indoor and outdoor components, the issue of space can be a pressing one. This makes the attic a viable location since most homeowners hardly ever have practical use for them apart from storage.

Undetected Heating and Cooling Problems vs. Cost and Labor Efficiency

Heating units are fairly easy to neglect. Add the fact that attic cooling units are out of sight, homeowners can run the risk of letting maintenance routines fall by the wayside. Oftentimes, minor issues can turn into complicated problems before they reach the homeowner’s attention.

There is, however, a counterpoint to this. Attic HVAC installations cost a lot less. They are easier to install in attic spaces than anywhere else at home. It’s also much easier to leave existing loose ductwork than to to cover it and wind it through doors and walls. The easier and faster the installation process, the more affordable it is.

Pre-Existing Attic HVAC Systems: Should They Stay or Should They Go

The question that begs an answer is what to do if you have a pre-existing attic HVAC unit. Should you make use of it or should you simply take it out and invest in another system? The truth of the matter is that it comes down to personal preference. Attic HVAC systems don’t necessarily equate to dire situations. You will, however, need to exert effort to keep them running as efficiently as possible.

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