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5 Creative Ways to Conceal Your Thermostat

You can’t do without a thermostat. Whether you like it or not you need it even if it looks undesirable in your living room. The only thing you can do about the look of your thermostat is to try to conceal it as much as possible or make it work for your space. We’ve rounded up a few of the best ideas from around the web so you can make your thermostat look better.

DIY: Conceal Your Thermostat

Hide it with a Painting.
You can hide a thermostat by covering it up with a painting. The next question is how can you possibly get access to it without removing the painting? Well, it is simple, instead of hanging the painting, why not attach it to the wall using some hinges! The hinges you use will depend on the size and weight of the painting. With the hinges on, you will be able to check your thermostat anytime without removing the painting. It serves its purpose well. Also, try to allow your thermostat to ‘breathe’ as much as possible when doing this, so that it doesn’t misread the temperature in your home.

Frame it.
If you don’t want to cover up your thermostat for fear of a misread or lack of access, then look for an attractive frame and put it around your thermostat. That will surely give your thermostat a new look. Also, if you want, you can add more pictures where your framed thermostat can blend with the other pictures:

Blend it in.
Who doesn’t love a spiffy gallery wall? If you do, work your thermostat into an existing wall of paintings, word art, pictures your kids have drawn, and other items so it becomes part of the family. After all, home comfort is just part of what makes your house a home!

Install an Open Shelf:
Another way to hide a thermostat or other items you don’t like, is to put an open shelf divided into different sections. That way you can display your favorite collections. You can put your favorite family pictures on one shelf, your favorite books on the other and so on. You can now conceal your thermostat and you have a new display shelf for other knick-knacks!

Upgrade it.
If you run out of ideas for concealing your thermostat, perhaps it would be better to buy a new one and get rid of your old thermostat. Besides, you have better options with the new models of thermostat today – they’re sleeker so you may not feel the need to hide it at all. The new age of thermostats includes more advanced temperature features like wifi connectedness, digital programming, touchscreen and more.

The wifi connected thermostats give you the advantage since now you can control them via your smartphone whether you are inside or outside your home. You can shop online for your new thermostat. You can find lots of information and can even get the best price online. Check out for trusted manufacturers or brand names. To learn more you can contact us for an upgrade.