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Get a Handle on Your Allergies Before Summer Hits

Not only are spring and summer high pollen seasons for those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions, but it’s also the time where the great weather and outdoor activities pick up. What this means for asthma sufferers and those that are prone to nasty allergy flare ups, is that you need to be extra cognizant of what Columbus allergens are in your area and which ones cause you the worst symptoms.

Get to know the allergens in Columbus

If you live in the Columbus metro, utilizing sites like, can give you real time data of the allergen forecast in your area. For Columbus locals, click this link for your real time allergen forecast.

Right now, grasses are the highest allergen source, as well as walnut and mulberry trees. Luckily for locals, Columbus pollen levels are trending downward.

Understand triggers

There are many factors that can affect the quality of air that you inhale, especially in your home. Getting to know the allergens in your area and more importantly which allergens give you the worst symptoms, will help you avoid areas, habits and objects that can impact your health. Watch for these common allergy triggers to avoid undue or risky side effects:

  • Pollen – Trees (early spring), grasses (late spring/early summer), weeds (late summer/ fall). This is always going to be the greatest factor in causing widespread allergy symptoms. Any outdoor time can trigger a reaction as pollen can quickly become airborne and travel great distances in a short period of time.


  • Animal dander – Pets are not the only issue when it comes to dander. If you don’t properly seal your home from pests such as mice, or rats, they can also release harmful dander into your home.


  • Dust mites – Dust mites can collect on fabrics, especially bedding, if you don’t regularly wash your upholstery and fabric items. Humidity also plays a role in attracting dust mites, but ultimately these pests can be avoided with routine dusting and cleaning.
  • Mold – Mold spores are a source of allergic reactions and can be avoided with proper cleaning regimens and humidity control.

Prepare with the proper equipment

Based on the threats you’ve identified in your area and which allergens you’ve identified in particular that trigger negative symptoms in you, combat these symptoms with the proper equipment that is designed to eliminate these allergens and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Dehumidifiers – Avoid attracting mold and other contaminants with excessive moisture buildup. Dehumidifiers can keep your home’s humidity levels in check which not only improves indoor air quality for health but comfort as well.

Air Purifier – Ever wonder what’s floating around in your home’s air? A quality Carrier air purifier can ensure that you won’t have to and for Columbus locals with respiratory disorders or allergies, that means keeping your symptoms in check.

UV Lights – For higher level molds and germs, UV lights can be utilized to eliminate any remaining allergens that managed to slip through your vents or purifiers.

Ventilators – Ventilators are great for the getting the stale, older air that has not been filtered and purified through your indoor air quality improving equipment. Replenish your home each day with fresh crisp air with a new system of ventilators.

Keep your home clean

Why make your expensive HVAC system do all the heavy lifting, when a simple bit of dusting can go a long way towards improving your home’s breathability. While sweeping and dusting are the most clear cleaning contributors to improving indoor air quality (IAQ), other healthy cleaning habits can also deter certain allergens from entering your home. Things like taking care of spills quickly and thoroughly can reduce humidity levels that can attract mold and pests. Crumbs can also attract bugs and rodents that can release harmful dander into the air. Regularly washing your bedding, clothes and curtains, as well as cleaning out your air ducts, will rid your home of any existing dust mites, bed bugs and other pests that affect your health.


If you still feel as though you need additional expert advice to allergy-proof your home, don’t hesitate in reaching out to our local Columbus HVAC experts. The friendly and knowledgeable experts at Aire-Flo Heating and Cooling, will take the time to discuss the steps you can take to improve your home’s IAQ