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Common Emergency HVAC Issues

Faulty air conditioning systems can easily create an uncomfortable atmosphere at home (and a costly one, too). The problem is, emergency issues can sometimes spring up without warning. Thankfully, you can negate any problem with the help of premier HVAC emergency service providers. That said, you still need to familiarize yourself with the most common problems just to have an inkling of what exactly needs to be repaired.

These are HVAC issues you are most likely to face as they are the most common ones.

Emergency HVAC Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant leaks are among the most common HVAC emergencies that homeowners face. If your HVAC unit is low on refrigerant, it is either leaking or was undercharged to begin with. If the latter is the case, no amount of charging can compensate for it.

Emergency Electric HVAC Control Failure

The compressor, together with the fan controls, can wear out through constant use. This is due to the corrosion buildup that terminals suffer through frequent switching on and off. It is a common problem among different HVAC systems. To keep this issue at bay, you’ll need to stick to a steady maintenance schedule from your HVAC service provider.

Emergency HVAC Drainage Problems

The most important part of air conditioning drainage is it needs to be on a mounted level. Otherwise, it won’t drain properly. This can lead to complications when it’s humid outside and the condensate drain won’t function properly. You’ll need to ensure it isn’t clogged.

Emergency HVAC Sensor Problems

Sometimes, the fault isn’t in the hardware. Even if the system is in peak condition, it still won’t function properly if the thermostat is failing. Located behind the control panel, the thermostat measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil. If this component is knocked off position, the whole system could behave in an erratic manner.

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