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A Clean Air Filter For Cleaner Air At Home

Air filters are part of nearly every HVAC system. They keep your system running efficiently and protect your home from excessive air pollution. Without these filters, dust, spores and other allergens would be free to circulate in a house constantly. Air filters do not work efficiently forever, however, and replacing them regularly is one of the key aspects of maintenance.

Maintaining Healthy Air

All air filters, no matter the type, serve the same function: to trap small particles. Over time, the trapped pollutants on an air filter build up, making it necessary for the filter to be replaced.

If the air quality in a home drops too much, people who live there can suffer a variety of health issues, including: trouble breathing, difficulty getting a restful night of sleep, and an increased number of illnesses, among other problems.

Airflow And Efficiency

As an air filter traps particles, the air has a harder time passing through it, making the system work harder than it should. The heating and cooling system will have to run more consistently to keep pumping what air it can into the house. This results in a greater energy usage and higher bills for the homeowner.

Replacing clogged filters keeps an HVAC system running at peak efficiency. It also helps the equipment last longer and require fewer repairs. A system straining to overcome an old air filter will experience more problems necessitating repair work and will likely burn itself up much soon than it would have.

Performing Air Filter Maintenance

Air filters come in several different types. The most common type is the simple panel filter. These filters need to be replaced on a frequent basis. Some filters can simply be cleaned and put back. The type of filter depends on the HVAC system, but a disposable filter will be paper-like, whereas a non-disposable one will be more durable.

The exact amount of time a filter can remain before being too clogged depends upon factors within the home. A filter may last as long as a half a year before needing maintenance if it’s in a home with very few pollutants in the air. Other homes may have many pollutants requiring a monthly air filter change. Some factors that contribute to more frequent replacement include:

  • Pet fur and dander can clog an air filter very rapidly. The more pets, the more frequently a filter will need maintenance.
  • More people living in a home will also make a filter dirtier, faster.
  • A home where one or more people with allergies or asthma live.

Performing regular air filter maintenance will help keep a home healthy and an HVAC system running efficiently. Filters should be changed at least twice a year, but they probably need to be replaced more frequently in many homes for optimal cleanliness and efficiency.

Not sure which air filter is right for you? Want to explore HVAC upgrades to improve indoor air quality even further? The HVAC experts at Aire-Flo are ready to help your family breathe easy by offering a variety of air filter and indoor air quality upgrades. Contact us today to find out more your options.